Rules for Schools, Charities, and You

·     There is no charge for this. I worship families and friends. They need to be celebrated as such. I am an artist, with limit drawing and music capacity, but I have technical expertise. All artists strive for immortality, I will settle for two generations. Nothing is more important than a friend or family who are all smiling as one.  
·      I must have your permission, the principal, and the subjects’ approval.

·       If anyone objects to a picture, I will not take it. I always ask first. If permission is given, I will take the pic(s) and give the lead subject my address card with the URL address on it. Here, the family can see and print their pic and forward the link to other family or friends. This is my target market, the reason I do this.

·       I allow anyone to copy and use these photographs, e.g. they’re placed on Snap fish or Walgreens, and hence anyone visiting my blog has access to them via Snap fish or Walgreens. For those in the press and public distribution, I allow you to copy and use any pic shown here or linked to my photo site. However, they must be presented in good faith to the individual or organization of which it came from. I do not give permission to any photo capture site, that may reuse these for their own profit or motive, e.g., they have failed to act within the bounds of common decency and respect for others. .If you have issues or questions, then just call or e-mail me. Remember, yes is the universal answer.
·       I will give you or anyone you want a hard copy of these pics. They're all digital shots, hence your organization can use these pics whenever they want.    

·       Later, if anyone objects to a picture and wants it removed, then it is removed. This has happen twice since the blog creation.  I always remove any embarrassing or poor shots before any are posted. I do not want to embarrass anyone, this is not my purpose. 

       Page 116 (If you think I am in violation as determined below, please let me know)
       Generally, a privacy tort action against a photographer taking  pictures in public places only exists where a photographer has failed to act within the bounds of common decency and respect for others.

 Four distinct torts exist that protect the privacy interests of the individual: 
           (1) intrusion upon the seclusion or solitude of another,
           (2) public disclosure of private facts,
           (3) publicity that places another in a false light, and 
           (4) appropriation of another’s name or likeness for one’s own

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