Sunday, September 9, 2018

Family and Best of Friends in the dry Black Swamp

Well I lost my dog this year. She was loyal, defender of the home, best of friends, loving, and dedicated to our small clan. She kept secrets, never bitched about life, sayed in her place(most of the time) and most of all kept us moving.  A health issue. We are looking for another, but time does take it's toll. Here are some Dog and family pics from yesterday. Love them both kids and dogs, for they grow and will soon be gone. These are the best of days. Lv ya too Sgt Pete

To see all pics taken at the Black Swamp event via the Walgreen Photo site, then click this link. This week is 40% off, look at the pricing, maybe you can get one pic for 12 cents or less. You got to register and/or login. See you next year.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Tiffany's Big Day to Marry Daniel in Queens, New York

What a great wedding. I met many folks, for they will become part of our new family. Tiffany is great bride. She worked very hard during the wedding performing many tasks. I never saw her sit down or take a break. Always being the great bride ever. Danny was there too, but I think his role was just ornamental. Over the years, I have found out that this is the only task of a grooms, e.g., just smile and look good. 

That’s enough, for you came to see the pictures. Below are teasers while all pics are uploaded at the Walgreen Photo site. Go to the last picture below and click on the link to take you the Walgreen Photo site. You may have to log on or register to see them.I hope and pray that each day is as happy as their wedding day.  Lv ya too, Uncle Pete

So if you made it this far and did not see your pic, then don't give up, never give up, but click here to go to Walgreens photo site.  You might have to sign in or register.

See you all soon. In Maryland for there we find another wedding venue of Hillary and Andrew.