Friday, March 17, 2017

Third Fish Fry of 2017 at St Jerome's Parish, Walbridge, Oh

I love my job. I am a nurse. I deal with people who I love. I practice with mind and soul. But prayer helps me and them every night. I just pray and my God response. I live one day at a time, for this is best. When I live in the past I get depressed, when I live in the future I get anxious. So I live in the present. I tell my patients this too. That is we live one day at a time. That we love each other one day at at time. Tomorrow is a new day, but let's live today. So hug that child and husband. Kiss that baby. Smile hard at him or her. Hold tight her hand for today we show love.
Lv ya too. Peter

Click here to see pics taken at the 3rd FF at St. Jerome's Parish on March 17th.

Friday, March 10, 2017

2017 Second Fish Fry at St. Jerome's Parish in Walbridge, Ohio

My God has blessed you and me too. I search for loving families and friends, this my purpose. Hope all had a great meal. I am off work for the next three or four Fish Fries, so if you missed me on the first Fish Fry, then come back for another meal and a free picture. 

Here is the deal. I take a bunch of pics at the St. Jerome Fish Fry. I review and post some here, then up load most to Walgreen Photo Site. There, I order a bunch and tape these hard copy prints on the West Library Wall at St. Jerome's Rectory. You come and pic these up on Friday during the Fish Fry or just show up when the building is open. I keep these there until Good Friday, and then they move to Rectory Office. Over time, those that are left may return to the West Library Wall in 2018 Fish Fry. These pics are free to you. There are still many previous pics in the library. These are all free to the taking. If you see someone you know, and then take these, if you see someone you love, then take these too, they need to find a home. I do this for love of family and friends, also to get you to come back for dinner with those that truly love you. We eat for your stomach demands; we love for your heart demands too. Do not think too much on this for the brain is logic which is just too hard to understand.

Love ya too, Peter

PS, I work that night, so below the fold are pics of my coworkers from Otterbein in Pemberville Ohio.

Here are some teasers; all are loaded up to Walgreens.

If you did not see your pic here or at Walgreens, then let's do it again. Come back for some more Shrimp and Perch. St Jerome's has the best of the best in fish, fries, and salads. Just don't tell your doctor. 

To see all pic taken at the 2nd Fish Fry at St. Jeromes for 2017, then click on this link to Walgreens. You will need to login or register.

Here are links to last years pics:

7th 2016 Fish Fry Friday of 2016 Lent at St Jerome's Parish, March 25, 2016

5th 2016 Fish Fry Friday of 2016 Lent at St Jerome's Parish, March 11, 2016

4th 2016 Fish Fry Friday of 2016 Lent at St Jerome's Parish, March 4, 2016

3rd 2016 Fish Fry Friday of 2016 Lent at St Jerome's Parish, February 26, 2016

2nd 2016 Fish Fry Friday of 2016 Lent at St Jerome's Parish, February 19, 2016

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Rick and Britt's Reception, Maumee, Ohio

Well it was one of those love feast of family and friends for Rick and Britt. They got married last week, when off to Hawaii, then came back to work, and finally got around to celebrate with family and friends. I know it may be hard living each day, but marriage helps, someone got to do something. Thanks a bunch to the Moms, for they really made this happen. Good luck Rick and Britt. See you on Tuesday I think.

Here are the teaser, all are on Walgreens' Photo Site.

This link takes you to Walgreens, here you can see all pics taken and if you want you can order some or copy and past to FB. Will print some up for the Bride, you too Britt. If anyone does not like their pic, then call me for do over. See my rates and rules. 

Click this link to see 90% of pics of Rick and Britt Reception in Maumee, Ohio, Still Uploading 

Here is the link to R&B wedding. 

Rick and Britt Forever and ever more, Toledo Ohio