Saturday, November 19, 2016

A Ray Zychowicz Lifetime Event

Ray Z is still an Instrument and Control Technician. His work duties are to calibrate, channel check, search for those grounds/bad relays, and to find the ever re-occurring but always-different unmade contact. Some are figuratively and literally just killers to find, yet every I&C tech wants to know. There is also that Local 245 Union Stewart, least I believe. He reached another plateau recently so his family and friends came to celebrate. I have known Ray for over thirty years now. He is silent, but never forgets. Therefore, here are some teasers of Ray’s celebration. I do not think Ray will sit still for long; someone or something will call him. See you and Mom at the St Jerome's Fish Fry, but bring the wife.   

I have more pics of Ray, but entropy and bad hard drives have taken it's toll. If and when I find some, will post them here. If you want to see or print some pics I've taken on Nov 19th at Local 245, then click on this link to take you to Walgreens' Photo site. If you want that family print, then call me, life's too short not to have memories. For love of family and friends is all one really has. Just for you, I'ill wave my fee. 

For you DB folks, there more pics, but you need to look for those in the index. 

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Denise's Wedding Shower

Vicky requested I provide my photography services for her daughter's wedding shower. It's nice to have a shower, to collect those family and friends to celebrate. Vicky wanted to pay me, but I refused. I told her the only true valuables are family and friends. I love to capture the love, the friendship. Most physical items and things will pass or lose value, but true friends don't. Family is unique because no matter what you do their still family. You got to love them all, for time thing is short. Please call me again if you or others want, universal answer is yes, but you got to ask for I don't read minds yet. Love ya, Peter

Here are my teasers, all are uploaded to Walgreens photo site.

To see all pics taken on Nov 5th, then click this link to the Walgreens Photo site, you will need to log in or register.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Ariyanna's First Homecoming Dance

Oh how wonderful it is to be young and pretty. As we age, we love the young more because we re-live our lives through them. But I am envious that I am not with the young more. So I think it's back to school just to hang young. Here are my teasers, all are being up loaded to Wallgreen's photo site. Click on link below.

Well here is the link to Wallgreen's off to NY, unable to change close my eye pic, but these were added later. You got to log in or register at Walgreens Photo site.