Saturday, January 28, 2017

Rick and Britt's Reception, Maumee, Ohio

Well it was one of those love feast of family and friends for Rick and Britt. They got married last week, when off to Hawaii, then came back to work, and finally got around to celebrate with family and friends. I know it may be hard living each day, but marriage helps, someone got to do something. Thanks a bunch to the Moms, for they really made this happen. Good luck Rick and Britt. See you on Tuesday I think.

Here are the teaser, all are on Walgreens' Photo Site.

This link takes you to Walgreens, here you can see all pics taken and if you want you can order some or copy and past to FB. Will print some up for the Bride, you too Britt. If anyone does not like their pic, then call me for do over. See my rates and rules. 

Click this link to see 90% of pics of Rick and Britt Reception in Maumee, Ohio, Still Uploading 

Here is the link to R&B wedding. 

Rick and Britt Forever and ever more, Toledo Ohio

Friday, January 13, 2017

Rick and Britt Forever and ever more, Toledo Ohio

My sister got married today, she's not really my biological sister but my work sister. She keeps me out of trouble and tells it like it is. Something that I really do admire. So she got me out of work today to take these pics of her new family and friends. Love you Brit and you too Rick

Teasers are below. As of now 101of 234 are uploaded to Walgreens. All should be uploaded by morning. 

To see all Pics of Brit and Rick via Walgreen's Photo site, then click this link. You will need to log in or register using valid e-mail. Will print some soon.