Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Otterbein at Portage Valley Halloween Bonanza, Pemberville, Ohio

I was just overwhelmed with our residents and their giving of treats to those young ones. Those great costumes were truly entertaining to our residents, the staff and and me too. Nothing says more to us than the love of children on a sugar high for a day or so. Was it not a great night. Here are my teasers: Hopefully I can load this on OPV Facebook page.

Click this link to see all pics taken on the night before Halloween at Otterbein, Pemberville, Ohio.

So Walgreens has a sale now, 9 cents/pic and I will order some soon, so check with Otterbein's main desk or better yet see activities department, least I believe. I will attempt to distribute pics to those I know. If you see someone you know at the Walgreen's Photo site  and/or a hard copy pic at the the Otterbein, then please forward them this URL or/and grab the pic and forward it too them. I did not give out my cards. I am not responsible for other loved ones or lovers, both current and past of grabbing that pic, but if  you say please I will print another. See my rules for those who like to lawyer.

Have a great life with those cute ones, for soon your only control is a filled wallet. For now love them up every day in every way. Keep that pic not for you, but for them. Come see me at St Jerome's Fish Fry in Walbridge, Ohio it's free too, the picture, not the fish.

As always, love you too, in a brotherly way. Peter

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Hillary Ann and Andrew Borsa

Hillary and Andrew got married. It was a great event. They look great, food was great and the scotch as always was good. I love scotch. We all wish the best for Hillary and Andrew. 

Note: Some pics were taken by my assistants, Mr. Shane Pecko and Mr. Aidan Pecko, They're from California. 

Here are the teasers.

So, if you didn't see your pic, better goto Walgreen's photo site. You can get there by clicking on this link and logging in or register.

Bonus Special:
Well here are some young Hillary Pics with family and friends

Click this link to see young Hillary and a little of Andrew.