Saturday, June 22, 2019

Tracy's Clan in Pemberville DRAFT POSTING

Tracy wanted some family pics. I am off to work soon, but they're uploaded to Walgreens now. So here is a preliminary post, subject to change.
Heard her family is over today so they may want to see them. All are at Walgreens. Will print some soon.


Click this link to take you to Walgreens Photos Site, you will need to log in or register. 

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Danita Big 50th Celebration

So Danita made this appointment months ago, and this was touch and go for me. I have been very busy this spring. Working long hours and days, but wait, wait a minute because this page is about Danita, my favorite STNA at CCC. I love Danita in a brotherly way, she always smiles and is present on my station. I never ever need to call her or look for her. She goes above and beyond her duties and if I could I would give her a raise, are really big raise. 

She deserves a happy birthday wish, and if I win the big one, then watch out. See you all soon. Off to Long Island now. Lv ya girl. :)

Teasers here, link to Walgreens below.

If you did not see your pic, well then you got to go to Walgreen Photo site by clicking this link. Need to sign in or register. Will prints some for the birthday girl soon or maybe later. 

Friday, May 24, 2019

2019 US Navy Graduation with Robert Chung

Congratulations to Ensign Robert Chung who is Dartmouth bound. Congratulation and best of luck to Class of 2019.

So happiness is wandering feast, as Hemingway said. I truly was happy to see these young men and women graduated from the US Navy Academy. Could anyone look so sharp and yet still be so young. Me wanting to live in the past to become a marine.
My father was a submariner in WWII, he did not have much of a childhood, so he did the best next thing, so the US Navy was his pseudo father. So me as a younger, learned basic Navy tasks, like how to coil a hose, clean a garage floor,  row a boat, say yes sir or no sir. That if you can clean a toilet bowl with your bear hands, then you will always be employed. Some task were difficult, while others enjoyable. I did learn how to work for others, for they would paid me. I am 67 years young and still working today.

So here are the teaser:

Don't you just love those young and brave souls, God bless them all.  Great job for all who work hard to make the 2019 class the best ever. Love them up for it goes fast.

Click this link to see almost all the pics of the 2019 US Navy Academy in Annapolis, Md. To see all on Walgreens Photo Site you need to sign in or register. Contact me if you want the originals pics.