Saturday, October 7, 2017

2017 BSA at Davis Besse for the Nuclear Merit Badge, Oak Harbor, Ohio

Another year and they keep learning. Learning is all about life, for if one is not learning something new, then he or she is becoming more ignorant (I was going to say stupid, but that is really unacceptable, well maybe not). If you're not getting stronger then you are more than likely getting weaker. Some say we never forget anything, so remember this: Live ever day as your last for someday it will be. Love life today, hug your parents and children hard, play well with your friends for family and friends are all we really have. It goes way too fast so stop and just love each other. Here are my teasers:

To see all pic taken on October 7, 2017 at Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Plant in Oak Harbor, Ohio, then click this link to take you to Walgreen's Photo Site. Here you must log in or register. 

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Louie Simon's Visit to Anna's in Northwood, Ohio ( A Davis Besse Unusual Event)

Bill posted that Louie Simon would be visiting the area. He has family in Toledo. So the word spread to meet Louie at Anna's Restaurant. Louie work long and hard at Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Plant. We who worked with him relived those memories of fun and interesting times. We should record those stories, for they contain not only humor, but life lessons as well. Nevertheless, as I heard it, there may be some tapes and film available. Well most men do not have the time for photographs unless there into blackmail or evidence. But I got some freindly pics. You can see these and other pages via the links below. All pics taken are on the Walgreen’s photo site, those links is at the end of each post. You will need to log in or register at the Walgreen site. It was nice to see all. Here are my teasers.

Not many taken, but if you want a print then click this link to take you to Walgreens. You will see all pics taken at Anna's If you want any orginal from yesterday or long ago, then contact me. That time thing is way to fast. Off to boil some water. 

Below are other DB Events: 

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Young Joel's Birthday Party

Kim call and I came. I was running late related to another Birthday gig on the same day. But I took a lot and fell in love. Don't tell the wife. (this is a test to see if she reads my blog) Joel is truly blessed to have Kim as his wife, for she is determined, upright and happy women. Remember these Ann Lander's quotes for a happy marriage. I love you, you look great, how can I help, you're right it's my fault, and let's go out to eat. Going out to eat is the best of the lot, so us it often. Well that's Ann for you. We all need to count our blessings and thank God often.
Here are my teasers:

 To see all pics taken at Joel's B-day Party, click this link to take you to the Walgreen's Photo site. You will need to log in or register.

Late Entry: I needed to reformat some pics, don't know how those large ones got in there. Deleted some duplicates. When Walgreens have a sale, will print some, but don't let that stop you from printing some. I normally wait for 10 cents a print. Should get my resume to Angle today. Got to get motivated, getting bored. Maybe I will just join the marines.