Sunday, December 17, 2017

Angie's Pre-Christmas Dinner, Perrysburg, Oh

Christmas is here and so are those demands from family and friends. They may seem like demands, but there that glue that keeps family together. All we truly have is family and hence must be celebrated.  Have a Merry Christmas, for you all have that family love thing going. Love ya too. Peter

Here are teaser, all are loaded to Walgreen photo site. When Walgreens price goes down, I will order a bunch, but if you can do what you want.  You need to sign on or register at the Walgreen site to see all the pics, see link below.

Click this link to see all Powell Pics taken on Dec 17, 2017 in Perrysburg, Ohio. Call me if you want something more, also see my rules. Time is short so love them up every  day in every way. 

Friday, December 15, 2017

Concord Care Party at Peacock, Toledo, Ohio

It was short noticed and I needed to party some. So I took the designated driver, the wife, to the Peacock Cafe on Monroe Street in Toledo to a party of hardy folks of the Concord Care Center. A good time of singing and dancing was done by all. Still as of today, the wife can smell the scotch from my pores. In any case, me was just too loud and I am sorry if I offended some with my boisterous remarks, it was that scotch talking. If I offended some well you know that its the way I am, scotch or no scotch. But never fear for I still love ya.  Here are my teasers, all are at the Walgreen photo site for your viewing pleasure and printing. 

Most pics are seen above, but all are on the Walgreen's Photo site. Today I pay $0.09/print so if I sober up in time you may get hard prints on Wednesday, e.g., that's day I think I come back. You will need to log on or register on the Walgreen's site.   Like always it was fun, but we always pay for that short term gain, with long term pain, however for you folks and residents of CCC it was always about short term pain for that long term gain. Oh yes Lv ya too.