Saturday, November 11, 2017

Benifit for Kevin Weiz, Carolyn Cathery, Northwood, OH

Every fall, I search for firewood. Some years I get more than I need, so I sit out the next year, but I was a little short this yar so I called Mary. She is part owner/manager of Carolyn's Personalized Catering in Northwood, Ohio. The property contains a large amount of trees, so she lets me scavenge as needed. Well I left a message on Wednesday, and Mary called be back on Friday. She informed me about her Husband’s Benefit on November 11th. She not only gave me permission to enter her property, but also allowed me to take pictures. I love to do this. For family and friends are all we truly love. They are the glue that holds us together. As reported by Mary's daughter, an RN, ..."Kevin has a rare autoimmune disease called Antisynthetase Syndrome. This nasty disease causes breakdown and destruction to all muscles and his lungs...." I know they did good for this event, for the place was jumping. The food was great, while the drinks were cheap. Here are my teasers. All pics are on Walgreen's photo site via the link at the end of this post. Please print some for that Christmas family get together. 

Click this link to see all pics taken at Kevin's Benefit. 

If you see Mary and/or her family, then let them know we can do another lower key family pic event. Universal answer is yes, but you got to ask. Oh, yey this applies to anyone who can afford my rates, sometimes if I like you I will wave these too. Just round them up, that's the hard part. Hope to see you soon. I will print some for Mary and Kevin, this is taking me longer than expected, new Element 15 software is a learning curve. 

If you want a meal to go, which I love because it is real food or just looking for the place to have a reception, then contact Mary via this link.  Mary can we have Lasgana every other week please. 

My Free Veteran's Meal at Applebees, Oregon, Ohio

Hi. I served in Vietnam. I was not there long; most of my time in Southeast Asia was in Thailand. I was an Air Traffic Controller. We sent F-4, F-111, and KC-135 north. I had a difficult time returning, not only with my own issues, but with the country as well. Do not really know when Veterans Day became so friendly to veterans. I guess this has to do with guilt. For many returning vets did not have a pleasant experience. I thank Applebee's free meals to vets, for it is a small price that Applebee's gift, but a big thank you for many of us. Steak was excellent.
Me, 1970 at home from Basic Training

Here are my teasers:

To see all pics taken at Applebees on Veterans Day of 2017, then click this link. You will need to sign in or register. Thanks again, hopefully will see you next year. 

Will attempt to print a nice pic for Jeff, and some Walgreen prints for the rest of you.

Please see my rules and regulations of taking pics, Applebees can use any pic here as long as it is in good taste. Need a redo on Loren, let her know. Also see my rates on left side. I may waive these if I like you and you smile well.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween at the Otterbein, Pemberville, Ohio

I work as needed now. So I lucked out to work on Halloween eve at Otterbein. Yes Rebecca, there is a God. Otterbein at Portage Valley is a retirement facility in Pemberville, Ohio. I work there as a nurse, but had some time between medications passes to take some pics of my resident and staff  with family in costumes. I love families and friends the most for this is truly what is valued, it's called love. All had a great time giving and getting candy. Many had hyperglycemia, but will survive that sugar high. All pics are uploaded to Walgreens. If you see anyone you know, please send them the URL. Not all folks are wise to this blog. Teasers below, link to Wallgreens at the bottom of this page.

I put all my pics, well the ones I like, on the Walgreen's Photo Site. If you don't want these here or there then let me know. See my rules for taking pics. Don't know when I will back, it's a as need thing. Will prints some via Walgreens, but I really want a family pic with love ones, so call me. The universal answer is YES, but you got to ask. Sometimes you got to ask me twice. Can someone call or email me when OPV has their family Thanksgiving Dinner.

Click this link to take you to Walgreens, to see most of OPV prints taken at Halloween Eve Trick or Treat Event.