Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Morrow's on Eastpointe Drive

Yesterday, got out of bed at 3 PM, wife said Ashley is home with her new baby Hullus, (need spell check here) and Lindsay too. Taking a family pictures with all their children after their teenage days is very hard to do. For you see, your children are intellegent, and have their own lives and wants. Many times it is near impossiable to get them all together, but God was on their side and I got them, including  Hullus's grandparaents. Here art the teasers, still up loading to Wallgreens.

Now to find Alison's e-mail.

Click to this link to see all pics taken on Eastpointe Drive

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Run for Love, Toledo, Ohio

Today I was summoned to take picture at “Run for Love.” Jacey Wamer and Mackenna Gibson, both being 9 years young, decided that action is better than talk, so they got together and determined to do something in the fight against children cancer.  Jacey and Mackenna know that universal answer. It’s yes, but one must ask, and if a no is received, then ask again, and if still no, then ask someone else. They had an advantage over others, they’re 9 years and no one can ever say no to such young beautiful girls. So they asked, and their families and friends came to help.  Thanks Jacey and Mackenna, their family, and all who came in support of the fight.

I love families, friends, smiles and hugs. I choose life, hope, and God. If you want that family pic, just call. This is my hobby, not my occupation. I do it for that love of family and friends; better hurry for life goes fast. All pics are uploaded to the Walgreen photo site, just click the link at the end of this post.  

Click this link to see all pic taken at Run for Love on 7/9/16, this is the Walgreens Photo Site, you will need to register or sign in.