Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mr. James R. Knepp, II became the Honorable James R. Knepp, II

At UT Law Building, many friends and family of Jim Knepp met to see him get his robe, gavel and sound block. It was impressive to see Jim become a Judge. Just hope I never have to see him in court. All his friends and family said great things about him.

Jim and his new pals
Some of these pictures were taken by my apprentice, Josh Knepp. Go to this Link to UT Ceremony of Jim's Day to see all the pics that Josh and I took.

If anyone wants the file pic, send me e-mail. It cost 9 cents a print at Snap fish. So go print some today.  This big guy's Dad is in Stan-ville, if you know of any military family who wants a pic or two such that we can send it to them, then let me know. (at a price no one can beat)
Hi Dad!

Jim and Friends
The real power mom and the wife

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