Friday, October 22, 2010

Corner Dental at Oregon,Ohio, my Favorite Family

My tooth clan

My stomach really rules me. It has complete control over my mouth, well at least in competition with my gray and white matter neurons. One wants me to store fat for those long winter days; the other just leads lead me to trouble. Anyway my mouth's primary subordinate are teeth and these people at Corner Dental keep me chewing away. I need a crown and it is not something I put on my head. Beat dentures any day. Michelle keeps telling me to brush and floss, she's right. One never really likes a steak if one must gum it to death. You need to keep flossing, OK I need to keep flossing more.

Here are some pics of my family.

Dr. Mucci and Dr. Booker, ye they both graduated.

Michelle, Stacia, and Diana

That picture is worth at least $600 to me, but millions to my stomach. Can you see the crack in my tooth? Open it via snap fish and look. Hell that tooth is at least 55 years young. 
Stacia is both pretty and single. She can make your teeth smile forever, give her a call at Corner Dental at 419 691 2185, she's waiting, better hurry. Hey having dinner with that smile is worth it.
I didn't take that many pics at Corner Dental, but there all on snap fish at Link to Corner Dental at Oregon Ohio  Call me if anyone needs more pics. I give special rates for families that are related to my stomach.

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