Thursday, November 11, 2010

Weight Watchers of Northwood, Ohio

The wife and I check in once a week with Kim. Kim is our group leader and motivational speaker for weight watchers.  I'm down 12 pounds now, but I still eat too much. I don't track like I should, but I watch eating between meals. I limit my carbohydrates and sugars. It works, but it takes work, more like discipline. Stoic philosophy here, disciple to self(me), duty to others (wife), and detachment from things (food). Who knew that weight watchers is like some Spartan campaign or army.  Below are are some pics of my weight watcher family.

Hey, if you want a family pic for Thanksgiving, call me. I give you a special weight watcher break, but you must supply some real home made chocolate (cook pudding) cream (real wiped) pie (gram crackers). Hey I can still dream, can't I? Click here to Link to other Weight Watcher Pics at Snapfish

WW troops are Pam, Kim and Mary. You can text Kim at for more info.

My WW family.

Moms love weightwatcher too, but I love babies the mosts.

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