Saturday, May 14, 2011

BSA at Davis Besse for Nuclear Merit Badge 2011

Spent whole day teaching radiation and contamination, effects there of and such. Well, we Americans don't really have to worry about tomorrow. You see, those young men are just like we where back then, their proud, stubborn, egotistical, full of piss and vigor, and for sure, to become great Americans. Had a great time with my captive audience, hopefully all learned something more than radiation. Please print some pics today, snap fish and me will decay away, yes I know it's sad that I will decay too. We all, someday, will go to that lowest energy state, some sooner than others. Hey guys, get your butt in high gear, be something better than a muffin that's cooked in the squat position, you all need to rise and shine. Please forward this URL to all scout or scout's family, in attendance, don't forget about siblings, parents, military relationships (they do love pics from home), and friends. If you want original pic(s) or something better than 4X6 just ask, universal answer is "Yes", but you need to ask. Good job, Scout Masters, great food too. Love ya all, Pete
Teasers are here. 

Link here to see May14th Pic, BSA at DB (Don't forget BSA for May 13th Pics, see next page)

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