Saturday, May 21, 2011

Melanoma Walk at Maumee Bay, Oregon Ohio

This a.m. wife signed us up for the Melanoma Walk. Cindy and Eleanor did another outstanding event to fight melanoma. We all need to thank Cindy and Elenore for their outstanding effort.
I am sure all those who attended had close family who have or had melanoma. Still Looking for the 2009 event, I know I got is somewhere. Here's some teasers, please print some today, it goes way to fast. Also my pricing for military and charities in the left hand column can never be beat. As always love them up, it goes way too fast. Please forward URL to friends and families, focus on the military please, they too need to share in the fun. Here are some teasers.

Still unable to find 2009 pics, does anyone know the date of first Melanoma Walk?
Love ya,
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Link to 2011 Melanoma Walk at Maumee Bay Park

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