Friday, May 6, 2011

Pinning of the ROTC Lieutenants at BGSU

Met the Colonel at Authors, Authors, in Toledo. I said I was looking for families, just needed a date. Did not expect a shoot so soon. I owe a lot to my country, but I owe it more to those who serve and love her well. Because of this I always give back to them, them is woman and men of the US military. It does not matter what or when, just let me know, it's all for them. Hey new Lieutenant, and some older Majors too, you need to print some of these at Walgreens via snap fish, buy a frame at that dollar store, clean the frame, and place such family picture in it. I know you can afford this. Then give it to the commander and chief. Who is that your ask?, Well, it's Mom. Hurry you can do this in under three hours. If any Mom wants something better than a 4X6 print, then send me an e-mail. Feel free to call whenever they come home and the family is all there. See my pricing in green font on left column. Love ya, Sgt Pete, USAF, Vietnam Vet

All can be seen at snap fish by clicking on this link.

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