Monday, July 18, 2011

Vacationing in Minocqua, Wisconsin with Friends, Families, Loon Lovers and Fast and Slim Aqua-bats

This last week, we we're off to the Land of Lakes and Cheese in Wisconsin. Spent time at Little Blue Lake and watch their Loon, seems there are Loon issues going on.  Met many families and new friends. The Minocqua Aqua-bats had a really great show and it was free. I love free. So take a look at these teasers and print some for Mom and Dad today. Please forward URL to other family and friends, they love you too. Don't forget those military guys and gals. Love ya Peter

If you want the original(s) for class presentations, family albums or just need to keep that special moment, then just ask. Print some today at Walgreens via snap fish for only 15 cents a print, what a deal and it will last at least two lifetimes. Immorality is very hard, so I settle for two, maybe three generations. Love them up, it goes way too fast. Forward this URL to family and friends now. Link to Snapfish for more WI Vacation, Aqua-Bats and Little Blue Lake Loon Friends.

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