Sunday, December 25, 2011

Fantasy Carnival Cruise Pics, Christmas 2011

Hi Guys, Hope all had a Merry Christmas and a great new year. We had a great trip to the Bahamas, and met many interesting folks. Thanks for all the great Carnival Fantasy crews for their 100 percent service in supporting my waste line. Now it's cold, the bed must be made, laundry must get done, and I seem to always be hungry. Were is Abe and Elmer? Oh well, it was like this before I left. Took great pics, and yes they're all here or linked to snap fish. Working on drop box account for those with some computer skills.


Print some today at snap fish. Pretty cheap, can do via snap fish to  a local box store or mail. Today is always better than tomorrow. Mom still loves you and she needs to see you. If unable, then at least send this link to you loved ones.  Just ask, if you want a file copy of the original pic. Take care and be safe.
Love ya, Peter

Click this link to snap fish to see all your Carnival Fantasy Pics

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