Thursday, March 14, 2013

Aram Ohanian, A Perrysburg Judge to be....

I met Aram Ohanian, a father of three, a two decade Perrysburg's prosecutor, last week after work at McDonalds. Aram requested my help, so here I am. Universal answer, but you got to ask, is YES. I love families the most, and Aram is a great father. He is a leader in the community, putting bad guys away while teaching the young to survive being a boy scout master. Aram is running of Municipal Judge of Perrysburg. Here are the bullets from his web page.
  • Practiced in the Perrysburg Municipal Court for two decades as a prosecutor and for the defense.
  • Prosecuted criminals for over a decade.
  • Conducted thousands of Municipal Court cases.
  • A veteran trial attorney whose cases have ranged from traffic offenses to serious felonies.
  • Experienced in dealing with the scourge of substance abuse and its effects on the community.
  • Mr. Ohanian has prosecuted thousands of cases in the Municipal Court over the past 10 years.

Aram Ohanian, candidate for Perrysburg Municipal Court Judge with wife, Sherenia

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Angle, owner of Angles is center, and her company flanks her.

There is another meet and greet at Annie and Marc Blanchard's home on March 14th. This will occur next Friday and if you support Aram, then please attend. Aram is running against established candidates, he needs your support. He paid these dues, so help out with some cash, lawn signs, and door to door canvasing. Just give him a call or check out his link below. Judge's can't ask for money, but I can, so give a little.

I have a fish fry to do, so I won't be able to make it next week. It's the sixth fish fry of lent. I made a bigger commitment.  Call me again, let me know what I can do. If you got a family call me for that one on one visit. Time is very short, so love them up.

Click this link to see all pics taken at Angel and Co, Perrysburg, Ohio

Click this link to help Aram out, it take you to his web site. 

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