Monday, June 24, 2013

Perrysburg Municipal Court Judical Candidate, Molly Mack at the Northern Wood County Republican Club

Tonight I had some time to attend a meeting of the Northern Wood County Republican Club. The meeting featured Molly Mack, who will be a candidate for Perrysburg Municipal Judge. Molly is a great candidate for Judge, her husband Bob, is a Trustee for Perrysburg City council. They have three children. Molly gave an excellent speech stating that she will follow conservative values when judging and never attempt to legislate from the bench. Molly and Robert have  three children in Perrysburg. They both are great assets to Northwest Ohio.
Here are my teasers:

Robert and Molly Mack. Molly is candidate for Perrysburg Municipal Court Judge.

WC Commissioners, Doris Herringshaw with WC Clerk of Courts, Cindy Hofner

Candidate Micheal Olmstead for Perrysburg Mayor, Candidate Sara Weisenburg for Perrysburg Trustee with the NWCRC Chair Jonathan Smith  

I worked in 2012 to get a Rebublican win. I took many parade pics of our candidates and pushed those door bells, going door to door. The most effective campaign vote getter is when the candidate or his representative verbally ask for that vote. One needs to go door to door, knock hard, give some good words, and ask them for their vote. We won many local races, but depression and anxiety took me after the November election related to BO and SB.  I still fear for the future of this country. Fear has never been a changer. The country is still far left, the ship needs a hard right. We need to work together, for both local and national (Latta) races will always be present. We, the Republican Party, have much work to do. When I say we, I mean you. You need to get involved, stand and walk your talk. You need to study the Candidates, ask questions and get involved. 2014 is to be a Republican sweep. Something we need to show the left. It will only be if you help. It's not hard, this is not rocket science. So please call or check the links below, get involved, be a maker of history, than a student. Join us, the Party of Lincoln, be a vote multiplier. Do I need to tell you why? Give me time and I'll rant on but now its just a BP raiser and my MD will just increase my meds. 

Click this link to see all pics taken at NWCRC meeting with Molly Mack  She needs help today for2013.

Matt Reger, our current WC Republican Chair or John Smith NWCRC Chair awaits your call. Get up off that couch and let them know you want to get involved. You can make a difference.

If you want to know more about Wood County Republican Party, to get involved, to do something, and to win in November, then click this link.

To help Molly win in November, then click here

Note to candidates: I love family pics the most, but I do love this country and we must work together to help each other get elected. I am willing to take that pic if and when you want. I love children the most let me know when that family get together is scheduled and I will show. Working nights no body and day time is hurting, but sunsets are the best. Just call, remember that universal answer is yes, but you got to ask. Better sooner than later because one never ever gets better looking. :)

If you want the original pics then ask, if you want something removed then just ask. I am here to help not hurt.  Please forward URL to love ones, don't forget the military. 


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