Sunday, August 11, 2013

Four Sisters in the Keystone State at Poe Haven

The wife has this sister re-union every year. This year, I managed to attend the last two days. It was great fun, and I may be looking forward to next years event. One never really knows if the wife will invite me. This year the wife picked some cabin in woods. It was really deep, a place where only fly fisherman go. However, we came together for each other and not to catch those elusive trout, hence true fun was found by all. Family is all we got, so we must love each other every day in every way. Here are my teasers and some of Peg's too (Spencer took some).

At the Wallgreens' Photo site, one needs to log on with an e-mail address. If you want prints locally, then they will need a credit card number, but I normally just pay when I pic them up. Right now there only 20 cents, but I will print this weeks special and get 100 of them for 10 cents each. I will give most of these away to Peg's sisters. You too can have Christmas today, just print a bunch and give them away. Please forward this link to others, they too want to see you. Memories are fleeing but that good picture will last at least till your grand child retires. If anyone wants a hard copy (DVD), then just ask. See my rules above.

If want to see Molly and Paul's graduation pics, then click this link to the Walgreens' Photo site.

To see all my pics of the PA adventure, click on this link to the Walgreens' Photo site.

To see all of Peg's pics of the PA adventure, click this link to Walgreens' Photo site. 

Have a great summer, what's left of it, study hard. Good luck with 2014, for sure it will be a crazy and wild ride. Don't ever forget to tell them that you love them, saying it once is just not good enough. Life is way too short.

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