Friday, September 20, 2013

Visit to Mom in September, not October...

I just saw Mom in August, then it was announced that Patty, my elder sister would visit in September, so I got some time off to see all. After all, what is a mother's visit without all her children. Below are my teasers. I printed some up and will forward via snail mail when I have some time off. But all taken can be seen at the Walgreens' photo site. 

Work in taking my time. It goes fast and so much better than counting flowers on the wall. This is a sixties lyric. 

Today, we have family, after all our possession are gone, only family and memories of such are left. Only family, least I hope, will come to the other's aid when one is stuck in that Mexican jail. So this is my family, a family which I will always love, unless of course you become a felon, then all bets are off.  Love ya Peter

Click this link to see all the Seniuk's pics at Walgreen Photo Site.

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