Saturday, May 31, 2014

Sam and Cody's Big Day

I too was married twenty-seven years ago on May 31st. Our marriage has been great. There are ups and downs, but Cody to have endless bliss, remember Ann Lander's five marriage rules: It always your fault, so just practicing saying, "sorry, it's my fault;" You need to remember that Sam is beautiful, tell her so; you must listen, and always say "how can I help you?;" that you love her (women forget this in twenty four so you need to say it each day); and most of all that beautiful commitment statement which should bring great happiness to any marriage, "let's go out to eat". These rules work and they will bring you much happiness. Practice them every day. A happy wife brings a happy life. 

Here are my teaser, all are uploaded to Walgreens. You need to create a Walgreen account with a valid e-mail. See my comments on this to the left.

I came to Iowa with the wife to enjoy the event. I found true love not only with Sam and Cody but with their friends and family. Please print some. E-copies are deceptive, one believes the internet with servers will be here forever. But wait till that smart phone is dropped, Goggle goes bankrupt, Walgreens ends their photo site, or I'm off to that event with JC, least I believe and pray. A print last much long, and you can always find a sale price at Walgreens, so print fifty or a hundred, then give them away, for surely those you love, love you. Hey what's five pics at only 20 cents each cost? This lifetime of remembrance is a great deal. You have my permission to copy and post any on face book or whatever.

You will need to create you own Walgreen's Account. There are over 1100 pics. One will need to use the slide show presentation at the Walgreens' Photo site set to fast speed. It is much faster. Ramp up the speed else one will get SSS, Slide Show Syndrome. If you don't want your photo published then let me know the pic number and I will delete. See my rules above.

I did not give my card out to everyone. So forward this URL address to friends and family you know. Don't forget those in the military. Call me for that next family clan meeting. But I may be out of your driving area.  Love ya, Peter

Click this link to see and print all Sam and Cody's Wedding Pics, which I took on May 31, 2014 in West Des Moines you need to sign on/registar with a valid e-mail.

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