Saturday, September 20, 2014

BSA at DB for 2014

Today, many earned that nuclear merit badge. The road to Eagle Scout is simple. A dream written down becomes a manageable goal. Written goals with detail plans become reality. It's scary because all my written goals came true. Yours too, just right them down, revise, rewrite, make actions plans, and see them come true. 

We need to thank Randy and Troop 160, but why your at it, a thank you to Mom and Dad for their support is also required. They truly love you and you should thank them every day. One day you too will do the same for your children.  Here are my pics. Print some today because time is short, memories depart and today is 40% off at Walgreens. Hey, 12 cent a print, you got it. 

Forward this URL link to those that love you, e.g., your friends and family. Don't forget that special person in the military. They miss you too. Click the link below to see all. Pint some today, for Walgreen's give me notice that my account memory is maxed out. So maybe in a year or two, these pics will be gone. 40% off today with on line coupon. 

Take care, work hard, study always, practice what your leaders teach for BSA lessons are the foundations for a great life. 

Click this is link to see pics taken at DB on September 19th and 20th. You will need to log in with a valid e-mail account.

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