Saturday, July 15, 2017

Kristine's Family Clan Meeting in Perrysburg, Ohio

Well here are those pics taken a week or so ago. They were shot on a large scale, 14 to 16 mega pics, so it took time to figure how to reduce them so that Walgreens and FB could receive them, 1.5 mega pics. Will prints some soon, but I figure you wanted to see these now. After all this is America.
Here are my teasers:

So I will copy the original prints to DVD with a print, to be given to Kristine. Here is the link to Wallgreens' Photo site below. You can order and copy to FB, but if you want to play with the files, then wait for the DVD. Hope all are well, see you next year. 

Some pics at Walgreens are duplicates, but different in pixel amounts. 3 mega versus 1.5 (info only)

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