Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hey It's all about Shane, he's Irish so watch out.

Hi I came to see my great nephew, Shane Joseph Pecko, he was born on July 19th in San Francisco, but I know he is one tough Irishman. It was great fun to pass him around, like a hard football or hot spud. Tommorrow is his Christening. Shane knows that God and luck are on his side, just ask his mother. Great Job Mom and Dad, love him up today and every day.

Shane Joseph Pecko

Shane with Mom and Dad

Kirsten with Uncle Steven

Shane with Grand Parents

Great Gramma with her Irish boy, what a lucky Sicilian

If you want to see more pics from Saturday and Sunday, then click on this link Pics of Shane, his family, and friends.  Linsey or Ashley, a pretty Irish girl, helped me take some pictures. Hey, send web address to your families. They need to see how much every one has grown, both up and out.
Sunday October 17th, Shane's Day at Church
On the way to church

Irish Ladies in San Francisco at the Parkside Tavern

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