Saturday, October 9, 2010

Kaylee Halko, the Star of Monclova

Hi guys, I returned to Monclova today to take pic of the Kaylee, her family and friends. It was great day with much fun for a 5K walk or run. There was great food. I only ate one brownie and one hot dog, not to bad or good depending upon a weight watcher's frame of mind.  Many enjoyed the beautiful day and had great exercise. I took over 600 shots so that you can see a picture of you or your child at snapfish.   We all need to thank Marla and her friends for their effort in making this event a great success. 

To see more of Kaylee and her friends, click here Link to Kaylee's snapfish Photographs. Print some today, it's only 15 cents per print at Walgreens. A print in just an hour or so. You can afford it, your Mom needs one today. Memories are all we have, love them up in every way and do it everyday. If you want the original file, just e-mail me.  If you see a friend or family, then let them now they are part of the show. I ran out of cards.
Love ya Peter
PS Hey, I was here in the summer for Monclova's homecoming, you might be found at Homecoming.

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