Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cheer for a Cure at Genoa High School, Ohio

Re-posted on February 25, 2011, related to 192 being not being uploaded to snap fish.  Recheck Link to Snap fish for Cheer for a Cure Pics, 0553 to 1000 Last 192 pics have not been seen, if you know these people, then please let them know.

Saturday, I spent working the crowd. The crowd was very pretty young women and men. Some need pulling and prodding to smile, but most just said, sure you can take my picture. Beautiful young ladies and of course proud fathers. They all smiles hard. Did you know a daughter can get her father to give her anything, it's a genetic thing, so young ladies you better take it while you can. I just love them all.

If you want the original pic, then just e-mail me. Snap fish does a good job for web site viewing. You can print them at Walgreens direct from snap fish, going price is 15 cents/print. Check Sunday's circular for a coupon, what a deal. Hard copies last longer than those electronic images, just look in your basement. All are posted.

Some pics did not come out to my best ability, hence if so, request a re-shoot. All you need is your coach and principle/facility owner's permission. Of course you all must look good. I'll come do it again. I love to take pictures, but invite your family too, Mom and Dad loves you the best, these are the time to capture forever, well at least two or three generations.

For all schools and charitable organization that want similar pics then just ask. Universal answer is yes, but if one never asks, well then it is always no. One always needs to ask, start doing it today, try it on Dad. Oh if the answer is no, ask again, if still no, ask Mom.  Please forward this URL and pic numbers, from snap fish, to your family, friends and your yearbook chairperson, time goes buy very fast. I know they would love to see you here and now than there and later, least one would hope so.  Sooner is always better than later.

See the green print on military family and friends in the left hand colunm. We need to support these fine young men and women. They need our support too. Forward this web address and pic number to that soldier or sailor today. If anyone does not like his or her picture, then let me know; I will remove it.  Here are the links, just click. Write down the DSC_xxxx number so others can  find the pic, also there is a slide show accelerator dial in which one can breeze threw the slides.. 

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