Friday, January 28, 2011

FFA at Anthony Wayne High School

We all ate well and won, well at least the wife won something. My God steered me to Monclova more than once with in the last year. I've been there four time and yes, all those pics I took are on snap fish. I printed some pics of last year's FFA event for families, but Heather put some of them in the FFA scrapbook. So for those who did not look at the scrapbook, I put last year photo's on shapfish today.  If you see a friend or family, then let them know, or send them a link.

Press here to see 2011 FFA Auction and Dinner Pics
Press here to see 2010 FFA Auction and Dinner Pics

Below are some other events, give a shout out to those you see. I have no way of knowing if your friends or families saw them. It may be better just to print some today and mail these prints to them. Snapfish does not last forever, prints do. Family and friends are  what we are all about, and what I value the most. At Walgreens the cost is 15 cents/print, you can connect there via snap fish. Hey there are a lot to see, so us snap fish slide show and place the speed indicator on high high, ask your son or daughter how to do this.  If anyone want the original pic, e-mail me.
Link to Kaylee Halko, the Star of Monclova 
Link to Monclova Days, Homecoming Queen and Parade
If anyone is having a charitable or school event, call me. If your military or related and want a new pic of you, his or her family and  friends, then call me. See left hand side. Have a great life, and love them all up today. Love ya, Peter

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