Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 1, Dusty Gloves, Oregon, Ohio

Well arrived and took a bunch of pics for Dusty Gloves Tournament. Baseball players are not as photogenic as cheerleaders, those manly men sure know how to play ball, but those ladies from Clay really know how to smile, and for me they just look so much better. This is Day 1 and I have other obligations this weekend. I may not be the fields for long for the next three days so if you want family shot please yell out. Mr. Miller said it could rain on Saturday so now is always better than later. I will show up each day. So take a look here for now, more to be added each day. Here today's teasers.

Mr Joe Miller, the man in charge

Well I took many more, there all at snap fish. Click here for Dusty Glove Tournament Day 1

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