Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pinning at Davis College Spring 2011

Wife told me to show, so I did. I found many happy faces and families. They came to be pinned or see their loved ones pinned. These are graduating medical students from Davis College. I have some great family shots, my true purpose. Please let other know.

All pics are just a click away at Link to DC Pinning at snap fish.
Ensure your mom, dad and siblings have my blog address (URL).  If you have military loved ones then give them my URL and call me too, see green print at left. Please print some today, family and friends grow up very quickly and snap fish, hard drives, and face books postings are not permanent. Pics are the first thing one grabs when choosing valuables, only 29 cents at Walgreen and three hours away, it's easy so do it now. Call me if you want something better than a 4X6.

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