Sunday, April 17, 2011

FFA Banquet in Monclova, Ohio

Again I return, maybe God has a plan. I attended a banquet of the Friends and Families of America (FFA). It truly was a blessing to see young men and women with spirit and love for life. Their parents are proud. Good job guys (for the parents), now if these off spring can just make through college, all will be right.

Everyday a parent must love their children. Everyday, you students, must love your day because it goes fast, like water from the tap, look around just love it up. Oh yeah, I did finish my marathon, I was the last runner in, but I finished. Got my beer mug too. Persistence is much better than speed any day. Major hurt for a beer mug, go figure. Here are some teasers.

Here is the link to snap fish. 
Impress mom and print some today, if anyone desires a print suitable for framing (I have high end printer) for Mother's Day, then contact me, You will need a frame. You only have one family.

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