Saturday, May 28, 2011

Our New Family Member and Friends

I was waiting to attend another meeting in Bowling Green, since I had time to kill, I said I would investigate getting a dog. I lucked out and low and behold, Rhea entered our lives. She the cute one surround by those beautiful women at Wood County Humane Society. Later all went to Huron to retrieve our son from other beautiful women. Those women have so much power. Here's some teasers.
Rhea Seniuk, hyper, fast and potential cat eater.

We are all happy, well three, maybe four of us are.

Go away, now, No let's eat
Link to other pics at Humane Shelter and Huron
Rhea still has some issues with Betty, our cat, but looking forward to having a family pic soon.
Thanks for Rhea, Love Pete

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