Saturday, May 28, 2011

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Bike Ride at Portage, Ohio

Met Susan on Thursday, she is a PFD member and stated that many families would be there, so I came. At the Portage Fire Department, I met great people and took great pics. I love family, and motorcycle people are just one big one family. We all need to thank the Portage Fire Department members and their friends in support of such a worthwhile event. If anyone wants the original pic, just ask. Forward this URL to other members, family, and those young men and women who defend us. I love any man or women who will defend me, we all need to give them our support. I still desire to do a motorcycle club pic, so if any members are interested, let me know. Here are the teasers:

What all bikers really love, eating steak burgers, so good.

All pics for MS Bike Ride at Portage FD can be seen at snap fish via this link.
Hope you all enjoy. Please print some soon, Fathers day just 29 cents at Walgreens and a dollar frame at the Dollar Store. What a deal.

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a group of chronic progressive disorder, resulting from demyelination in the brain, spinal cord, and cranial nerves. This from my pathphysiology text. This makes a lot of sense to a MD or RN, but to you demyelination is like the destruction of insulation (soft plastic surrounding the copper wires in your house). As this insulation is taken away (demyelination) potential short circuits occur which cause no or low nerve signals to travel, hence in ones body, no nerve signals, in turn no muscle movement. This results in a long term chronic condition that will continue till muscle immobility. It's pretty bad and we all need to pray and support to those who have it.

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