Friday, June 3, 2011

2011 Genoa Homecoming Parade, Genoa, Ohio

Was at vet's with Rhea, my new dog, on Thursday, and ask what events were going on, The receptionist said it was Genoa Homecoming weekend and there is a Parade on Friday. I said great. I met many old fiends from Genoa Retirement Village and Davis Besse. I was to busy to talk, sorry, but still glad to see them all. Took many family pics, many are mom with daughter shots. Please print them up. I won't be here much longer and neither will snap fish. Your child is just like you and soon will be off to have a life which is just like you. If you want something better than snap fish, then ask. I can send you the original pic file. Please forward URL to others you recognize because I ran out of cards, and don't forget your Mon, Dad, the siblings and of course those great military men and women. They love this stuff too. Hears are some teasers, wanted to post many more, but all are on snap fish, linked at end of page.

Lance and his bride
Click this Genoa Homecoming Parade Link to snap fish. Also check out Index of Posting at top of page. I seen many before at Genoa Area High School 's Cheer for the Cure, Melanoma Walk at Maumee Bay, and MS Bike Ride in Portage. Love them up today, family is all we got. Also if any organization wants the DVD of all pics just ask. This event, like the many in the past took work to be such a success. We all need to thank those that made it happen. For those who create such events, see my rules for charities and schools above. Let me know and I will show.
Love ya, Pete

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