Monday, August 1, 2011

Crusin Zeake's Car Show at Woodville Mall, Northwood, Ohio

I really wanted pictures of Toiy and her family. They own the Bangkok Cafe in Northwood, Ohio, which is my favorite restaurant. She said come back at 7 p.m. So I finished shopping and still had a half hour to kill, so driving northbound in the Woodville Mall parking lot I found Zeake and his buddies. What I can't believe they do is make these car look new and they actually run. I beat my cars down to zero worth and pitch them. Time will tell, attempted to get the guys and gals in the shots. Here are some teasers, well maybe most of them. All pic taken this night can be seen at snap fish. Click on link at end of this page

Click this link to see most all of pics of  Zeake's car show at snap fish.

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  1. Don't suppose there was one this year (hearing how the mall had to close down and all).