Monday, August 1, 2011

Family and Friends of the Vayavongs at the Bangkok Cafe, Northwood, Ohio

Been trying to capture Toiy and her family for months now. Her cousin is here from Iceland. Her children, Ploy, Usa, and Davit are getting bigger each month and sometimes I can't tell who is who, between Ploy and Usa. They grow up very fast. This is for Toiy's family back in Siam, a land with the most generous people ever with the most love ever for their children. Great job Terry and Toiy. Here are some teasers and all can be seen at snap fish. Click on link below.

All the friends and family of the Vayavongs ics are at snap fish, click on this to take you there.\
Please forward URL to love ones in Thailand or Iceland. They miss you and need to see what is happening. Check index above for other pages on the Bangkok Cafe. Oh yes thank you Toiy for the green curry with pork, it was great. I may want to do food presentation next, think about it. Also can you have Usa or Poiy check my spelling of names. Me not so good without word processes with spell check. Love ya, Peter

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