Saturday, August 27, 2011

Monclova's Homecoming 2011

Hi Good People from Monclova. Got here early today, but like last year the parade ended before I could make to the end of street and I missed many. Need to think better of logistics for next year. The Monclova homecoming Parade of 2010 was the real start of this blog. Its been one shoot after another for one year. I have over 4600 hits, and it get bigger each day. Saw many old friends and made some new ones too. Here are the teasers:

There were just too many good ones to post, so link to snap fish. At snap fish, please order some printed for mom and dad. Forward URL to those who love them, and don't forget the military. They love this site the most. See my pricing for military families in the left column and in green font, not one can beat it. Remember it's only 19 cents/print at Walgreens, hopefully some will last two, maybe three, generations. That immortality artist thing is sure hard to achieve. Love ya, Peter

If you didn't see your pic here, click this link to snap fish to see 2011 Homecoming pics. 

If you didn't see last year's homecoming pics or want to see again, then click this link to snap fish to see 2010 Homecoming pics.

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