Sunday, September 11, 2011

Greek American Fest at Toledo, Ohio

Looking around this weekend, I focused on those baklava loving people who founded democracy. Yep, those Greeks, I love them Spartans the most, they developed discipline to self, duty to others, and detachment from things, and did very well for themselves and Greece too at Battle of Thermopylae, but I digress. I found many families and here are some teasers, all can be found at snap fish, click on link below. I know you know others who I took pics of, so feel free to browse my index of previous posting for a look and see. Please let others know you saw them, not all have computers or know what a blog is. Military personnel are a priority and if you see a relation, then forward it to them. Review my rate for military families and friends in green font in left hand column. Take care and love them up, your children, soon they will graduate, start working and having a life just like you.  Love ya,  Pete

Eleni looking for a husband, don't miss out.

Mayor Bell and Father

I only posted some of my best pic, wait a minute all are my best so if you didn't see yourself, then go to snap fish, via this link.  Click this link to snap fish to see all of the Greek American Fest Pics

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