Friday, September 16, 2011

Northwood High School Homecoming

The Rangers looked strong for homecoming. The royalty was decked out in their best while the band marched and played well. I saw many of my friends from Davis Besse. They seem to be alumni, but who would know? For me, high school was a long time ago, I don't really remember any names or faces. English as then is still my Achilles. I must dream on this, there should be something in my data banks, wait I do remember it was the sixties, for get it. Anyway, only 19 cents a print for that family or friend pic at Walgreens. That facebook page and hard drive will go away, it's only an electric charge on sand, located in some strange city. In a flash it's gone they all will be gone, so print some today. Love them up, it goes way too fast, ask mom. Here are the teasers, all are being loaded as we speak.

Click this link to see all at Snapfish.

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