Friday, September 23, 2011

Clay High School 2011 Homecoming

Last year's pic had a great following over the year. So I did it again, see link at bottom or check out index of previous posts. Will give two or more DVDs to your principle, so if anyone wants these for the year book or other events then you know who to ask. Please print some up, it goes way to fast and soon you will be that parent attending these events. Snap fish does a great job of making prints to Walgreens at 19 cents each. Just order two dollars worth of pics for Mom or your friends will make you special. Prints last longer than electronic pics. If you want a nice portrait, then let me know, because I will need a frame.

If you see a friend or family on this blog, then let them know. I ran out of cards. The same for military and see my great pricing policy for military in green. Love them up, your children and if you have no children then love up your parents, siblings and friends, because their the best. A family and friend makes life worth living. Love life every day because that's all we get and it goes fast.
As always I love ya too, Peter

Click this to see all Clay's 2011 Homecoming Pics at Snapfish.
Click this to take you to Clay's 2010 Homecoming Page.

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