Sunday, September 25, 2011

Run for the Cure, Toledo, OH

I wanted to spend more time, but there was just too many to capture. As always, I ran out of cards, so right before the big start I left. I don't make any money on this blog, I do it for the love of family and friends. Their all we have and must be cherish. Nothing is more important, but it goes fast and that picture can capture the moment and that memory. Please go to snap fish and print some today. Only 19 cents/print at Walgreens, be a big spender and spend two dollars. Two dollars for a life worth of memories, what a deal. Facebook, this blog, unlimited storage and backed up are a misnomer. A print will last two or three generation.

Please let other family members know of this URL, especially the military for they are the best. But till then, love all of them up. Love them everyday, and say so too, they just can't read minds yet and they may forget if you said it once.  Love ya, (in a brotherly way)

Well, if you did not see your pic here or want to see and print them go to snap fish via this link.

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