Saturday, February 25, 2012

Republican Dinner at Dyer's, Bowling Green, Oh

Matt Reger, Chairman, Wood County Republican Executive Committee invited all to eat dinner and listen to the five Wood County Candidates for Commissioner speeches on why they want to be commissioner. The turnout at Dryer's was excellent. These candidates are very brave, for they must put it all out there for all to see. Some would say to invest time and money in their campaign, knowing the odds are against them, is either brave or foolish. It depends, for after the primary the winner was brave, while those losers were foolish. In any case, I know it takes courage to stand and speak, to say what they stand for, what they believe is right. I know we, e.g., the Republican Party, will need a strong candidate in November to win. Matt is right when he says that whoever is the winner, the remaining four, and their followers must support.

I am entering a new realm of photography. It's politics. I post them here for those republican candidates, current and future, to use as needed. If you don't want them posted, just say so. If you want the something else then ask. I still want this to be a photography blog, so I will limit my political spieling. I did meet many interesting people with helpful hints. Here are some teaser, all are on snap fish. If you want the originals pics just ask.

Candidate for Commissioner, Doris Herringshaw with husband Paul
Commissioner James Carter with his wife Sharon

Candidate for Commissioner, Adam Seibert
Chair Wood County Republican Committee, Matt Reger with his wife Hedi

Chair Republican Party Mike Marsh with his wife Terri

Commissioner Tim Brown with Matt

Candidate for Commissioner Terry Krukemyer with wife and daughter
Candidate for Commissioner Dave Beaverson with Kathy, his wife
Candidate for Judge, Court of Appeals, Judge Robert Christiansen
Candidate for Judge, Court of Appeals, Judge Jim Jensen with Randy

State Representative, District 6, Randy Gardner
Candidate for Commissioner Rick Ruffner

The last two pics are from a Japaneses Public Access Television program crew, seems they are very interested in Wood County politics, seems everyone is interested too.

Only in America can we have a revolution every two or four years with no bloodshed. In 80 percent of other countries, for if there was a political dinner meeting, it would be either illegal or a call for arms. We love America, she is the best, protect her, believe in her, fight for what you know is right in a peaceful and civilized way. Help us win in November by taking a stand and getting involved. Contact Matt today. I believe America is at a pinnacle. Burke said "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men (and women too) do nothing." Get off your keister and do something.
If you want to know more about Wood County Republican Party, to get involved, and to know more of current five candidates for commissioner and others are, then click this link.

If you want to see the pics I took at Dryer's then click this link.
Note: If you want the originals then ask. Make some copies for your loved ones via snap fish. 

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