Friday, February 24, 2012

First Fish Fry at St. Jerome's Parish

This year I decided to photograph all seven fish fries. Here is the first. I will print some, not all, of families and couples who I think would want them. These will be posted next Friday on the wall in the cafeteria. Each week I will repeat this until the seventh week, then the remaining pics will be placed in the church hallway and you can pick these up after mass. I want you to let your friends and family know that a visit to the Friday Fish Fry at St. Jerome will not only feed you but give you that love which will out last those hunger pains. My goal is for that memory to last two or three life times.

These pics are my gift to you, but it would be nice to donate some green. All pics can be seen and printed via the snap fish link below. If you want the original pic file, just ask. Better yet call me for a family shoot.

Check out the list of index of previous postings, I know you know someone that I photographed, it could even be yourself. I love them smiles, here are the teasers for the first fish fry.


Please forward your friends, children, sisters, brothers, mother, and father the above URL address. They would love to see you. But then again who wouldn't. We never ever get anymore beautiful than what we are today. If there is any military in the family then let them know too. I will now choose some to be printed, come next week to feed those hunger pains and pick these copies up or even better ask for a redo with that missing spouse, child, mom. Hope to see you next Friday.  Love em up today, it goes way to fast. 
Love ya Pete
All First Friday Fish Fry at St. Jerome's pics are uploaded, see them all at snap fish via this link. 
Just found this link from last year
Friday at St Jerome's Fish Fry, April 22, 2011

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