Sunday, April 1, 2012

2012 Sylvania Franciscan Academy Disco Fever Night

As Linda directs, I obey. So I came to take pictures of hippies and flower children. This event raises funds for the  Sylvania Franciscan Academy, a school for childrenwho belong to great and loving parents. Many think that education is free, far from it. SFA needs funding and Linda and James Knepp have stepped into this void to help. We all need to thank them for their effort in disco-dance-Saturday night fever with a smacking of Wobegon hippies. I was going to say old hippies, but I will not. They all came together to eat well, bid on auctions and mostly to give money. We honored Diane and Tim Brunner for their philanthropy acts in previous fund raises. Much funding was raised and SFA thanks you all very much. Will attempt to print some pics for the good Sisters of Lourdes. I posted the last two FSA event link below. Take a look, for sure some of you are there from an year or two ago. Here are my teasers:

The real power in SFA
Love of our life

The real star and winner are these 4 inch two tone purple open toe platforms with spaghetti straps and matching purse. Do you know any Judge that can direct an universal mandate of these. The world would truly be at peace.

Seek and you shall find.

Family is why I am here, love them up.
Dads always love their sons.

2011 Sylvania Franciscan Academy Derby, March 19, 2011 page.

2010 Sylvania Franciscan Academy, link to snap fish.
Some people should not spray photographers with silly string.

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