Friday, April 6, 2012

7th Fish Fry on Good Friday at St. Jerome, Walbridge, Ohio

Update: June 27, 2012, I have approximately 200 pics in my basement on poster board. If you think I took your picture, and you did not pick it up, then contact me and I will give it too you. It's on me. Pete

This is the seventh Friday of Lent, at St. Jerome's Fish Fry. Today is Good Friday. We posted over 585 prints on the cafeteria wall. As of this evening, approximately 150 were left.  After the fish fry, those left came down and are now located in St. Jerome church's vestibule. Their there for your taking. Seventy-five more prints taken on Good Friday are printed and now join those 150 pics. I taped them to the wall on Saturday afternoon. I talked with Father Dave, and we agreed to leave these up for two weeks from Sunday, that is until April 21st, at which time I will collect all and either give them to their owner(s) over the year, give them to Father Dave or save them for next year's Fish Fry.

Before or after Easter service, if you see anyone you know then take that pic with you and forward it to them. These pics need a good home, not a way station. Don't be afraid to take these pics, if you know anyone, just take and give it to them.

The links for all the fish fries are posted below so if you don't see yourself here, then click and look at those other postings. I do this for love of family, for they are our truly greatest blessing and strength. Please love them up everyday in every way. It goes way too fast, just look at me.

Please forward this link to other family and friends, they too love you, don't forget that military member. They all love and need to see you. If all goes to plan, and God's will, then expect to see me next year, until then enjoy your time with them. Contact me for that family reunion or other charitable event. If  you see me at another event, the just say, "hey you with camera, please take our picture." Remember no one can beat my price and what Posterity said, "You never get any better looking than you are today," it so true.

Have a great Easter, love you,  Pete

Click this to take you to snap fish to see all Good Friday's Pics

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First Fish Fry at St. Jerome's Parish, Feb. 24, 2012

April 24, 2012 Entry:
I have approximately 200 pics, they now live in my basement. If you seen your pic in any of the seven fish fries, and you don't yet have possession, then either I have it or your long lost lover has it. So if think I have one and you want it now, then call me. Else, they will be posted next year, the first Friday after lent. See you there.

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