Friday, March 9, 2012

3rd Fish Fry at St. Jerome, Walbridge, Ohio

This is the third Friday of Lent, at St. Jerome's Fish Fry. We posted over 180 pics on the wall so far. Many are gone, however wall space is becoming primo space so if you see someone or some family you know, then just grab it and forward it to them. Saw some great friends of St. Jerome from the late 1990, when we were on the St. Jerome School Boards. I also met some of Davis-Besse folks. It was nice to see them all again. The crew and students worked hard to bring you an excellent dinner. The salad bar was great, many homemade salads were brought in by excellent salad prep chefs. Here are my teasers, if you don't see your pic below, then log onto snap fish via the link below. You may also see yourself or other friends in the first or second fish fry too. Just click the link.

If your a student, please look at the printed pics next week and take home those that belong to you. If you want more, just ask. If you see anyone you know, then take it to them, if unable, then at least call them or other family members to come and get. These guys, the pics, are cold and lonely on that wall, they just want for a good home, you can help. 

Please forward this link to friends and family, especially the military. They all would love to see you. I did. Love ya Pete

Click this link to see all of the 3rd Friday Fish Fry at St. Jerome

Second Fish Fry at St. Jerome's Parish, March 2, 2012
First Fish Fry at St. Jerome's Parish, Feb. 24, 2012

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