Thursday, March 8, 2012

Schedel Garden Volunteer Meeting

Veronica invited me to get some free labor, so I signed up for growning lily's and cannas flowers.  This should not be confused with cannabis flowers which are illegal. I digress, anyway, I met some great people and took some pics of new friends and volunteers. Got a great free lunch with cup cakes too, of which two pics are below. We need to thank the staff and Laurelea's for the great food. The group was small, so most pics are here, but all pics taken are on snap fish. If you want to volunteer to become a great gardener, because practice makes perfect, then just give Veronica a call at 419 862 3182. See you in Elmore, Ohio.

Jeff, Kendra, Veronica, Rod, and Tina, all are Schedel Garden Staff

If you want the original just ask. I can send it via e-mail. Print some at that local box store, it's a memory that can only increase in value. Please forward URL, address at the top, to other family members for they love you too.

Click on this link to see all the pics I took at Schedel 's Garden.

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