Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lincoln Reagan Dinner at Bowling Green, Ohio

This is my second entry into politics and photography. I enjoyed listening to all the candidates, made more friends, and I took some great family shots. We all need to thank Mr. Latta, his family, staff and good friends for putting on such an event. The BG staff and food was great. I know it is hard running every other year, but Bob is doing a great job and he needs our support, so please help him, better yet vote for him.

Family is all we have, they won't leave you in some Mexican jail, and for sure you will do the same for them. Politics is down and dirty, and some will wish one's opponent ends up south of the Rio Grand. It's all ok, unlike other countries, in America, no one dies when we change our leaders. I am attempting to merge the two, photography and politics, and step into changing my society. After all, the reason we do what we do is for family, for the children. We all must focus on making America better. I want to help you, the candidate, succeed. If you need my services, then ask. We need wins in November, for now is the time to organize, set goals, and followed detailed actions plans. Action plans are concrete, written, reviewed, being objective orientated, oh ye they can be revised and changed. We are to become a meaningful specific, rather than a wandering generality. Here are my teasers, all are on snap fish.  All pics are free for your use as needed, any, if unfaltering, will be deleted, just let me know.

Bob Latta with Family

Bob's purpose in life, who could resist?
Stanley Korducki, Matt Reger, and Mike Marsh
Candidate for President, Rick Santorum for 2012
Candidate for President, Newt Gingrich for 2012
Candidate for President, for 2032

Candidate for US Senate Josh Mandel with Grover Norquist
Sandy Barber with Candidate for Supreme Court, Judge Sharon Kennedy

Candidate for US Senate, Donna K. Glisman

Candidate for Supreme Court Ohio, Judge Sharon Kennedy and Judge Terrence O'Donnell

Bob and Grover
Betty Montgomery with Candidate for Supreme Court Bob Cupp


I want to have Mr. Obama with Mr. Brown to retire in November, my specific purpose. I know all our candidates are more conservative than any prior republican candidates, a sea change is occurring, a counter revolution against the left. Whatever happens on Tuesday, the remaining candidates must unite behind the winner. Again, if you need help here in northwest Ohio, and I can help, then ask. All candidates have my permission to use any photograph here or on snap fish. I can forward original pics if you want. Will give Matt Reger a DVD of my pics. If you want me to add, correct, revised a captions, or for a copy of the original pic(s), then e-mail me. I can help you, don't be shy, just let me know how?

All families and friends taken should get one or two printed for that loved one, mother or child, for one never ever gets as good a looking as they do today. It's cheap via snap fish at Walgreens or Meijers and you will get lifetime of memories, no one can beat my prices, of course you got to put up with me. Please forward this URL to loved ones, especially the military, their the reason your here and for sure they love you.  Love ya too, Peter

To see all pics taken at the Lincoln-Reagan Dinner at Bowling Green, OH, then click this link.

To see the Republican Meeting for Candidates for Commissioner in Bowling Green, Oh, Feb. 25, 2012 page, then click this link.  

If you want to know more about Wood County Republican Party, to get involved, and to help win in November, then click this link. 

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