Friday, April 13, 2012

Pinning at Davis College Spring 2012

This is my second pinning event at Davis College. I was glad to see many families who are just so proud of that special family member's accomplishments. These pins represent a dedication to excellence that is found at Davis College. Not only are their family members proud, but one could see that the Davis College staff was just as proud. Here are some teasers:

Four inch white open toe raised platform stiletto with a French pedicure, not recommended for work, the shoes are not recommended for work.

I should be at Davis College commencement, many of you will graduate, if you see me with mom, dad, spouse, or child then please request that family pic from me. All pics are at snap fish, just click the link below. Please print one or two at Walgreens or Meijers. As we speak, my hard drive is failing while snap fish or this free blogging site can declare bankruptcy, closing at any moment. That computer your using won't be here in next five years. A printed print can last a lifetime. I will settle for two generations. Make extras and give them away. Love them up, both young and old, time never stops, so just say it and show it to them today.

Forward this link to other in your clan, friends too, for they would love to see you.

Below are links from last year's class, you may have some friends there. I know I captured some of you at other events. so check out the index above of previous postings. Please leave a comment too but remember I delete the negative ones. Call me for that family reunion. On another note, how hot were those white platforms stilettos, don't you want a pair? I do, but red is my color. Love ya more than shoes. Peter

Click this link to take you to snap fish to see all pics taken tonight, at the DC Pinning 2012. 
Pinning at Davis College, April 15, 2011
Davis College Commencement Toledo Ohio, May 20, 2011

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