Sunday, April 29, 2012

Friends and Family of Evelyn Feiger

This post is different, for in the post are the picture of family and friends of Evelyn Feiger. I did not know Evelyn very well. She would call me when my long term care reports were not complete or missing. I do mine via e-mail, and sometimes I would send the wrong format. She was always persistent with getting things right. She would call to determine my status at a LTCO meeting, then upon arrival would ensure I sign the attendance rooster and take my name badge. She would watch all for those who failed to return these badges at the end of each meeting. She had many great friends and family who knew that Evelyn always put God before any actions and deeds. She watched the neighborhood as a block watch woman, maintaining a greater neighborhood presents, having exceptional contacts with Toledo Police. During the last week, many Toledo police showed up to visit, I felt they might of been more afraid of her than some criminal.  Her integrity was at 100 percent, something many of us just wish for, always believing in what was right. Evelyn always smiled. She believed in each day was to be celebrated and even on her last days with friends and family around, I saw that smile. We will all miss her. I place these photos here in here memory and her love of others.
Evelyn with Juanita at LTCO Function,  Please note Juanita is not a cook, but our fearless LTCO leader
Evelyn with LTCO Family
Here are some pics I took at Evelyn service. I place them here for your viewing.  If I offended anyone yesterday, I am truly sorry. I get caught up in my work. I just love to capture family and friends, that I forget why we were here. All pics taken are on snap fish, see the link below, please print some for that family member or friend.

Yesterday morning, I attended morning service in Maumee, our Gospel was given by Kevin Malarke, who documented his son's adventure in heaven. Mark's son Alex talked about his visit in heaven, how angels abound here on earth. God works in many ways, and here we are, so love each day for Evelyn is watching us. I believe she is now at the right hand of God, either taking orders or ensuring others are following them.

Please forward this link to others, since my URL address failed to make it on my card. Please assist with those people who don't know what a URL is.

Family and friends are all we really have, so love them up every day in every way. Evelyn loved all of you.
Love ya too, Peter

To see all pics taken at Evelyn memorial, then click this link to snap fish. 

If you want a glimpse into heaven then read this book by Keven and Alex Malarke

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  1. Thanks Peter for taking and sharing these pictures. Evelyn touched many lives and we will all miss her....Sandy