Sunday, May 13, 2012

Friends and Family in Athens, Ohio at Mill's Fest

I was in Athens, Ohio this weekend to see my son and his friends. I found many smiles on beautiful and handsome students. I love to photograph students, their young and optimistic, believing they can do anything, and that belief transfers to reality. But one must study harder, to get that grade which will lead to that job. I know many seniors will not fine work in their major, but never give up, keep plugging away. In November, with your help, a sea change will occur, pent up demand will create many jobs, and those rewards will come. Never ever give up, its persistence, a primary rule of my life and please make it yours. I'm a motivational junkie, and it works.

I attempted to keep these clean, so if you want please let others know your alive and well. Mom and Dad still love you, and I'm sure that family or friend in the Military would love to see how you're doing, so send them my URL. Print one or two at Walgreens, if you can afford a beer, then a pic is well worth it and it will have many more memories than any hangover. Life goes fast and entropy is constantly working against us. If you want the original pic, just ask. The universal answer is yes, but ones got to ask. Love each day and each other, time moves very fast, just look at me. Love ya Pete

After you get hour homework done, then click this link to take you to see all Athens Pic at snap fish. 

Last year I was a Palmer Fest, you may see yourself or friends here
OU Palmer Fest at Athens, Ohio, May 7, 2011 

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