Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Wood County, Ohio, Salute to Judiciary with the Honorable Terrence O'Donnell, Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court

Tonight Matt Reger, Wood County Republican Party Chairman, started a Wood County tradition in having a salute to the Judiciary. Wood County has excellent judges, least I been told, because as a rule in life, one should never ever have a need to speak with any prosecuting attorney, and by default never ever go before a judge. It's not that I don't appreciate the WC Judicial, it that I try at all cost to never ever to get involved. I like my freedom, and I respect the rules of law. Judge O'Donnel told a story about folks in the Ukraine, my grandfather's home, those folks were told about the judges and what they do. The people asked how big an army would be needed so that a Judge could enforce the law. The question is hard to answer in the Ukraine, a culture that just don't follow laws. In America, we do not need an army since most are are trained to follow and respect laws from birth.

Want to thank Matt Reger and Donovan for putting this event on. I expect that this is the first of many. Good luck to those candidates, if you need a photo op, just call.

Judge Kelsey, Judge Mayberry, Judge Woessner, Judge O'Donnell, Judge Reddin, Judge Pollex
Ohio Supreme Court Justice Terrence O'Donnell
Judge Kelsey  and  wife

Judge Reddin, friend and Matt Reger
Judge Reddin stated that funding can't come directly from the Republican Party. These WC judiciary are republicans, but per law they must raise their own funds, so they may call you, so please help them out.
Jacki and Rick Metz on the left
Judge Reddin and Judge Mayberry with their staff, who happen to be lovers, it's their anniversary.

Current and Candidate

Candidate for WC Recorder, Brain Bows, with Matt Zellers


Robert and Linda Domini with Judge Pollex

Candidate for Ohio District 3 current Commissioner, Tim Brown with WC Chairman, Matt Reger
Candidate for Commissioner, Doris Herringshaw 

Judge Woessner and the love of his life.

Jon Smith and Donovan (king maker)
Judge Pollex with the love of his life.

I want my legacy to be that guy who took my family picture, for love of family is number one. But I am transforming to politics. I want my children to have a future, however current political leadership is so far left, that anarchy can return. America has not had a revolution or civil war for some time now, but governmental changes along with a history is ripe with violence. If you're a candidate and need a family photograph, just ask. If you see something that is not acceptable on this page or at snap fish then let me know. I am here to help.

I pray hard for these Judiciary, for they must defend the constitution, that the Judicial branch is our last defense of the constitution. Our freedom and rights are defended by these individuals. I know any decision has negatives to it and sometimes there is not a good one. We ask these gentlemen to do this every day, and live with the consequences. For this we need to thank them. They also need to run for re-election every six years and this cost money. So please help them out. If you really want to help, then ask Matt Reger how you can help or contact the Judiciary yourself. Money is only one part of an election. Please get involved.

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