Monday, April 16, 2012

Mandel and McCain at Hillard Memorial VFW Post 4931, Columbus, Ohio

Today I drove south, to Columbus to see John McCain endorse Josh Mandel for US Senate from Ohio. I love Marines, they never give up, they have this desire to run toward the gun fire, they never leave a fellow comrade behind, and most of all they fight with might and brains, and always with less. Josh told a Marine story of his returning from Iraq, having his flight refuel at Bangor, Maine. At the airport terminal where Vietnam Vets welcoming these Marines home. The reason these vets were there was because no one ever welcomed them home. I know this was so true, because when I returned from Vietnam, no one ever welcomed me home.  I have to stop here, I can rant, but this is a family blog. 

John MaCain is an American hero. He spent six year at the Hanoi Hilton. He refused to give in to his captors, telling many both verbally and symbolically to fudge off. His refusal cost him much pain, both then and still today. His wounds are still evident, next time you see him, watch the way he moves his arm. No matter what the NV did, and they did much, John hung in there. I love him for that, for that persistence, that never ever giving in. During the Christmas bombing of 1972, many Hanoi folks would run to be near the Hilton, not to see John, but to stay alive because in those moments it was the safest place in Hanoi.

Here are my teasers:

We can not allow Mr. Obama to win this next election, for he will have more flexibility for the bad. Mr. Brown is as far left as one can go to a socialistic state. America is at a pinnacle, to the left, becoming socialist, e.g., having government control the people, or to the right becoming conservative, e.g., having the people control the government. To some who want instant gratification, they will vote left, but for those who still believe that government is by the people and for the people will vote for Mitt and Josh. It is never for today, but for tomorrow 's children. As my mentor would say "short term pain, gets you long term gain." You can help, there are symbolic shot being fired every day, so run and get involved, call your local Republican Party Chair, become a member, and help us change the society. We will have regret and more work if Obama and Brown are elected. You can help win in November, vote for Mitt and Josh, and those local folks who you think will matter, speak to others about our issues, give or help raise money, write letters to newspapers, call your elected officials, and stand like those Marines and speak the truth loudly.

Well that's it. Check out all the pics taken by clicking on link below. Please forward my URL to other family and friends, for they surely love you. Don't forget those military members in the land of Stans. We're the reason they are there, they need to know why. 

Love ya, SgtPete

Click this link to see all pics taken at Hillard Memorial VFW Post on April 16, 2012 on snap fish. 

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