Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wood Count Republican Party Executive Committee Meeting, Bowling Green, OH

Visited my adoptive family in Bowling Green, Ohio. Matt Reger, the Chairman of Wood County Republican Party call the meeting to order to nominate and elect the executive committee members. I am still attempting to mix politics with family, one cannot sit and do nothing. You need to get involved, your children's future is at risk.The country is shifting very rapidly, hoping that change will occur is like watching that iceberg on the Titanic. Please get involved, call Matt or contact your committee member and help in any way possible.

Tim Brown, candidate for Ohio House, District 3, and Doris Herringshaw with Jim Carter, candidate for Wood County Commissioner, need money, staff support, transportation, pollsters and a detailed action plan to get elected. All have experience in governmental organizations. Just compare the economies of Wood County against any other county and one can see their works and hence their value. Their working hard to do what is right for us, and just not for the party. Here are my pics from last night, called teasers, all pics taken are on snap fish.
Matt Reger, Chairman thanking Don Simmons for his gift of Chia Obama
Candidates Tim Brown for Ohio House, Doris Herringshaw, and Jim Carter for Wood County Commissioner
Doris Herringshaw, Republican Candidate for Wood County Commissioner with Friends

David Kuebeck, Executive Committee Member, Auditor Michael Sibbersen, and 
Kristi Kennelly, Central Committee from Perrysburg Township

Dave Beaverson with Don Simmon, Committee Members
Brian Myers, Committee Member of Pemberville

Matt Oestreich, Committee Member

Brienne Huber, Committee Member

David Kuebeck, Committee Member Bowling Green

Beverly Hirzel, Committee Member with Tim Brown

Ed Schimmel and Robert Mack, Committee Members

Will Harbauer, Executive Committee Member (Publisher of Rep Wood County Web) Send him related news.

Don Simmons,  Committee Member

John Stewart, Central Committee Member, North Baltimore home of CSX

Jill Engle, Treasurer Wood County with Husband

My goal is to have every member's picture with name posted prior to the election. Let me know if there are any errors. This blog thing is always a work in progress.

Being involved in politics is just hard, you got to stand up and speak, you got to present logical ideas in brief sound bites, you got be able withstand putdown, threats, and bad press, but most of all you just got to believe in yourself and speak truth. Hey candidates, feel free to call. Universal answer is yes, never ever be afraid to ask, else it's no. Ask twice if needed, many, including me, are deft, if all you get is a no then ask someone else. Please do not delay for the opposition is not waiting. Love ya Pete

All pics from Wood County Republican Party Executive Committee can be seen at snap fish, just click this link.

Lincoln Reagan Dinner at Bowling Green, Ohio, March 3, 2012 

Republican Meeting for Candidates for Commissioner in Bowling Green, Oh, Feb. 25, 2012 

If you want to know more about Wood County Republican Party, to get involved, to do something, and to win in November, then click this link.

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