Saturday, May 19, 2012

Northwest Ohio Conservative Coalition, NWOCC at Perrysburg

My last event for today was volunteering to assist WC Republican Party table at the NWOCC, but Kristi had it under control, so I took pics of my fellow conservatives. My goal is to shift the government to the right, a very hard right. The government is like the USS Enterprise, steaming away at 35 knots, but given order to reverse course. It takes a while, maybe five to ten miles, just to turn around, while our government may take four to eight years. Today these men and women of NWOCC are turning that governmental ship around. Hey if you need help just ask. Universal answer is yes, but it is no if you never ask. Hurry, November is closer than you think.

They called him Joe the Plumber, but his real name is Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher. He asked the question, and the King admitted he had no clothes on. Just another socialist on the road to serfdom. I love Joe, he's a fighter, having that quality of independence called persistence. Joe will never give up and we are glad he is here.  The greatest enemy of capitalism is taxation and inflation as stated by Uncle Joe, that's Joe Stalin, not Joe the Plumber. If Obamacare is good to go, e.g, the Supremes ok it, then expect your retirement nest egg and health care to go as well. Joe is looking for help, so if you live in Toledo, Cleveland or even Port Clinton, then give him a call. He can also use some money and of course your vote. Talk him up and those alternatives with friends and neighbors. Click this link to Mark's web site.
Joe and his supporters

Shelly is a supporter of this man, Scott A Rupert. Scott is an Independent Candidate for US Congress from Ohio. I like Scott because he has placed himself at the bow of that governmental ship, that change is to conservatism. He wants Ohio State to have Sovereignty from DC, Constitutional Authority, removal of unfunded Fed Mandates, restriction of Fed Spending, and reduction of Fed Debt. These are great things, and I believe their all for the better. I place them here so that Josh and Sharrod can read this. Again if you want to help Scott, the he can be contacted at Click this link for Scott Web Site.


Oath Keepers are having a meeting on June 16th in Perrysburg, you should attend to just listen. Daniel Johnson started a group called P.A.N.D.A. (People Against the National Defense Act) to raise awareness of this against the National Defense Act which is law. The law can take away anyone rights and needs to be repealed or amended. I need more education on this. But law makers should be aware. Click here understand more. 

All pics taken this Saturday afternoon are located on snap fish, just click this link.

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