Saturday, May 19, 2012

Rally by the Rails at Walbridge, Ohio 2012

My second event was the Walbridge Parade, which was a great success thanks to the fine people who run Walbridge. I'm getting into politics, something new so I press a little here. I want you to see who your elected officials are. I live only three miles north of this fine town, and you can not afford not to call me, just see my rates. You know what Posterity said "You never ever get any better looking than what you are today"!
Current and Candidate for Wood County Clerk of Common Please Court, Cindy Hofer and the Current and Candidate for Wood County Commissioner, Jim Carter. Cindy watches and controls our WC Judges, well she tries, who are very intelligent and demanding gentlemen, but I think it's just like herding cats. Cindy maintains the records of Common Pleas Court, issues motor vehicle and watercraft titles, and serves as Clerk for the Sixth District Court of Appeals. Jim Carter is President of WC Commissioners. One issue that stands out as WC management is that General Fund expenditures totaled $33,967,268.24 leaving an unencumbered ending balance of $12,637,974.79, this for 2011. This is similar to 2010 annual report.  Jim likes to save us money, money that will not be taken out of your pocket. We need to support Cindy Hofer and Jim Carter this November. Remember we are savers and not borrowers and spenders. We want smaller less intrusive government. Click this link to see proof of Jim and Cindy's good work, e.g., the 2011 WC Annual report.  This never happens to people in California. This is excellent.
Matt Reger, Chairman of WC Republicans with his friends. To get involved contact Matt today. If your tired of the preconceived hope and change narrative and want to help your children, like envelope stuffing; flyer delivery; phone and vote getter outer talker; driving BGSU students to the court house in Golden Week; or what ever then call or e-mail Matt. Click here to communicate with Matt. What is Golden Week, how will this effect the outcome of an election? Do you know?
Current Wood County Commissioner, Tim Brown in red with his supporters. Tim is a Candidate for Ohio Senate, District 3. Tim along with Jim Carter has made Wood County number one in employment, saving tax money, and providing services all with less spending. Tim served three terms as Wood County Commissioner, and is ready to represent us in Columbus. You can help Tim by clicking this link. To verify Tim's good public work then check out that WC 2011 annual report via this link. Click this link to see the 2011 WC Annual report.  
Current and Candidate for US Congress Bob Latta, with his lovely daughter. Bob is truly a conservative candidate with a specific purpose versus a congress who are more like a wandering generality. Congressman are not ranked very high, but Bob is. The congress needs a back bone, and Bob being a conservative provides that. I like his Liberal Action Score: 3/100 versus the Conservative Action Score: 83/100. A 3 in the liberal side is all one really needs to see. The 83 should be higher, but I think I'm looking at a liberal web site. Help out Bob if and when able. To help Bob, then click this link..

Congressman Bob Latta with daughter and Candidate for Ohio Senate, District 3, Tim Brown

Please forward link to other family and friends, don't forget the military. You can print to Walgreens from snap fish. Hard copies last longer and will increase in value over time, not to someone on e-bay, but you and your children. 

I know some folks don't like politics, but it is all about the future and where our children will be, it's where our family will live. We must stop and think about what is the best solution, the best way, and not the same-old same-old. The times are a changing, and I fear it may be for the worse. Please get involved, get up, do something. Help elect those you believe in, Dem or Rep, do what you believe is right, and speak to truth. Most of all love those children, for the future will depend on them, but today they must depend on you. You need to be responsible by writing or calling to ask questions of our government, to hold elected officials to a higher standard, and most of all to vote in November, this year it will be critical. They are watching you all the time, no it's not some big brother 1984 government official, worse still, it's your children!

Click this link to snap fish to see all Rally by the Rail Pics

Side Note:
I may have captured you image at one or more of the seven St. Jerome Fish Fry. See index of previous post above. I still have approximately 200 prints in the basement to give away so call me if you think I did take that pic and as of today you have not seen it. If not I will be bringing these to First Friday of Lent in 2013 at St. Jerome and you thought I would forget. See you there, love them up, it goes way too fast. Love ya Pete.

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