Saturday, July 28, 2012

The 2012 Clan of Kristine Mugge, Perrysburg, Ohio

Kristine call while I was making robo calls for Mitt last week. For me politics is becoming my reality. I really had no time to talk, but since this is maybe the sixth time for family pics there was no need to talk. One can never miss this clan for total family love. This family shoot is a ritual for me, something I greatly appreciate, after all I'm becoming just one of the family, least for one day a year. Last year, I wrote, nothing screams more for love in life than this family, and it's still so true. Again great job every one, keep it flowing, the love that is. I'm now posting all pics at Walgreens. Snap fish limited up loads to 50 at a time. Here are the teasers, past and present:






Below is the link to Walgreens, look in the Sunday paper for coupon codes or via their web site. Sometimes when you order 50 or more you can get them at 10 cents a print, else look for 15 cents a print with coupon. If you all stay around you can pick them up in a couple of hours. You will need to log on with your e-mail address, recommend a junk address else expect to be spammed.

The 2012 Clan of Kristine Mugge, Perrysburg, Ohio, July 28, 2012

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The 2011 Clan of Chris Mugge, Perrysburg, Ohio July 30, 2011

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